“Americans All-Immigrants All” Broadcast Depicts Armenian Contributions To American Life

Prof. H. Dadourian

Prof. H. Dadourian: Physicist and mathematician — has written a text book widely used in universities. Formerly at Yale — now teaching at Trinity College.

Dr. V. H. Kazanjian

Dr. V. H. Kazanjian: Famous Armenian plastic-surgeon whose rise to fame in America received dramatic treatment in the Americans All-Immigrants All program.

Rouben Malumian

Rouben Malumian: Hollywood film director whouse ability to “make the camera speak” put him among the film capital’s ace directors.

Krikor Arakelian

Krikor Arakelian: Pioneer Casaba melon grower in the United States. Has extensive vineyard interests and owns Arakelian Wineries.

Armen Tashjian

Armen Tashjian: Cleveland architect has achieved general recognition for his architectural proficiency.

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